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An exploration of feminism and the feminine form through photography. Images of girls in three different settings (photographic studio, a gig and a protest) combined with the text from one of Jenny Holzer’s inflammatory essays. The images link to the superstitions and different cultural meanings of the chosen colour palette. Red means love, luck, power, joy, desire and anger, all emotions I experienced in abundance on the different shoots. This publication was all about documenting strong women and their power, and the words of Jenny Holzer amplify that. IT ALL HAS TO BURN is a glance into the future, where women are seen as just as strong, just as powerful and just as important as men. 

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A Girl in a Band is a zine made to honour and display some of the incredible girls* in bands I get to work with on a day to day basis. It was born because the term 'A Girl in a Band' has become so overused, as if it's so different to being a boy in a band. I wanted to play up that idea as well as creating a platform for some incredible people. *I want to specify that when I say 'A Girl' I primarily mean anyone who doesn't identify as male. Musicians who identify as non-binary, genderqueer, gender-fluid etc will also be showcased throughout the publication. The magazine is printed as well as published online & all three issues have sold out on pre-order before general release. 

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XYST is a magazine I created during my art foundation year in 2016. I designed, edited and created the majority of the content that went into both issues. Both issues were printed and sold out in under two months.

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